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Our dedicated team of engineers developed a weather data product that is smart, innovative and easy to use, giving relevant weather information for your flight.

Improving Safety

Situational awareness

Flight planning

Decision making

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Publication in Aviation et Pilote Magazine by Aopa France.

August 1, 2020

Emmanuel Davidson, President of AOPA France, tested our app and wrote about it. In the August edition of Aviation et Pilote a favourable article about Radair4D was published. The article explained the use of 3D…

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Our new Team member!

July 2, 2020

This Summer, Quentin Leroy, was added to our team of 6 people. Quentin is working as a Communication Hardware Engineer and is an expert in communication hardware. He works for us via S&T, our partner…

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Radair4D beats Buienradar

June 17, 2020

Over the last couple of days our users were informing us that our Radair4D app is more precise than buienradar. In June, we had a great opportunity to compare the accuracy of our weather app with buienradar.

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Feature Status
Extrapolation T0+ 5hr Animation
Horizontal cross-cuts of the atmospheric column at different flight levels
Vertical (GRAMET-like) cross-cuts of atmospheric column across a flight plan
Offline weather briefing download with forecast for up to 5 hours
ICAO flight plan entry
GPS integration and position snapping
Fully Rotating Basemap & Map Overlays
Automated/manual data update & data age indicator
Currently availble We are working hard to implement this soon.



Using Radair4D

Radair4D, shows pilots relevant weather data.

Before flight, a flight plan can be registered in our app and the necessary weather information downloaded.

By pushing the flight button, just before take-off, our weather information, travels along with pilots!

Updates of the latest weather, can be downloaded during flight.

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An unique feature in our flight app!

Active thunderstorms can be detected with an estimation of their top altitude, intensity, maturity stage and near future movements.

Advance awareness before the arrival of a Storm can add to safety, especially in Aviation!

Being the only one in the world with a feature like this, our team is very proud to have developed this.



Our rain layers offer pilots the option to analyse rain probability.

The three rain layers on Radair4D are:

Convective Rain: In bright colours showing the status of rain convection

Rain Probability: In different tones of blue showing the rain probability

Rain Composite: An overview of both at one glance



Flying IFR or VFR, clouds are relevant for all pilots.

Cloud thickness, as well as cloud tops and bases are shown on Radair4D.

During flight, a vertical graph will appear on the app, indicating the clouds expected en route.

By selecting the desired flight level to monitor, Radair4D shows a 5 hours future look of the movement of cloud layers.

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Team Meandair

Peter Novak

Peter Novak

CEO, co-founder
Ada Aukje Engel

Ada Aukje Engel

Marketing, Sales & B&D Manager
Antonin Komenda

Antonin Komenda

CTO, co-founder
Filip Švábik

Filip Švábik

Meteorologist, R&D Software Developer
Gernot Veit Batz

Gernot Veit Batz

R&D Software Engineer
Quentin Leroy

Quentin Leroy

Communication Engineer
Michal Štolba

Michal Štolba

R&D Engineer


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